NetSupport Professional v11 Full Keygen - NetSupport Manager v11 Full keygen

NetSupport Professional v11 Full Keygen - NetSupport Manager v11 Full keygen

NetSupport Professional v11 Full Keygen - NetSupport Manager v11 Full keygen

NetSupport School Professional v11.00.007

With NetSupport School, Teachers and Trainers can improve classroom instruction by centrally instructing their Students on their PCs, maintain Student attention by monitoring application and web usage and save time by quickly polling the class and showing instant results. Teachers can also record all screen, keyboard and mouse activity on a Student workstation to review later or replay to the whole class. With educational budgets under increasing pressure, NetSupport School enables schools, colleges and training institutions to maximise the return from the IT infrastructure already in place.

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New NetSupport Manager v11 offers a fresh user experience with a restyled interface, performance improvements and a range of shortcut features that now make it even easier for you to support the diverse range of systems now in use across the modern enterprise.

NEW - Dynamic Auto-Groups
The Control Window 'Tree View' now includes an Auto-Group facility that with one click allows you to automatically group your Client machines based on pre-defined criteria. Planning for upgrades or the roll-out of new technology couldn’t be easier as the hierarchy will show you instantly how many and which machines are running with a particular Windows or Mac OS or Linux Distribution.

NetSupport Manager Auto Grouping
NEW - Support for Intel® vPro™ Technology
A number of manufacturers are shipping servers, laptops and desktops that support Intel® vPro™ technology. NetSupport Manager 11 can now be configured to browse for this capability (even where a NetSupport Client isn’t installed), listing the machines as a separate group in the Tree View and enabling a range of remote functions to be performed where previously a physical visit to the machine would have been required.

These include the ability to power-on, power-off and restart the remote machine when performing out-of-hours maintenance; view and reconfigure BIOS information and, if necessary, boot from a remote operating system image.
When plugged into AC power, the above can be performed wirelessly on a notebook system.
NEW - Quick Access Toolbar
The new Quick Access bar conveniently highlights those individual machines or groups of machines you most recently connected to. By clicking on the required machine you are presented with a pop-up display that provides easy access to a range of common remote control features such as, Connect, View, File Transfer, Registry Edit (if enabled at the client), Inventory, Remote Command Prompt and Chat.

NetSupport Manager Quick Access Toolbar         NetSupport Manager Quick Search
NEW – Quick Search
Also added to the Quick Access bar is a Search box enabling you to specify the name or partial name of a group of Client machines that you particularly want to find. The search results are added as an extra category in the Control Window Tree View.

ENHANCED – Customise Details View
When the Control Window is set to ‘Details View’, you can include additional columns of information for each Client. Particularly useful when connected to laptops, you can view the status of wireless networks and display the machine's battery strength. (This information is also shown in the system tray when a Client View Window is open.)

A new ‘Last Connected’ column has also been added to the Details View which displays the date/time that Client was last connected to.
ENHANCED – Multiple Monitor Mode
NetSupport Manager’s support for users running multiple monitors has been enhanced. In Thumbnail View, if a Client Thumbnail is indicating the presence of multiple monitors a drop down list is provided from which you can select the monitor to display.

NetSupport Manager Multi Monitor
ENHANCED – File Transfer
A number of efficiency improvements have been made to the File Transfer process.

With a View Window to a remote Client open, you can now conveniently drag and drop files and folders from the Control machine's Windows Explorer (including the desktop) directly to the remote desktop. Similarly, drag and drop can be used to transfer files and folders from the Control machine’s Explorer to the File Transfer Local, Remote or Distribution windows.
Particularly useful when performing a lengthy transfer, optional check-boxes have been added to the Progress dialog that enable the operator to indicate if they want to respond to or skip warning and error messages that may appear during the procedure. If skipped, a summary of the messages will appear at the end.
When deleting files you can choose to ignore all deletion prompts.
In a change to the way Deleted Files are processed, when removing items from the local machine, the file is now sent to the Recycle Bin rather than deleted immediately.
The order of columns in the local File Transfer Window can now be rearranged by dragging and dropping the column heading to the new position. The new layout will be preserved for future use.
ENHANCED –Terminal Server Support
Installing and configuring NetSupport Manager for a Terminal Server environment is now a more simplified and seamless process.

The Client is no longer started as an application when each Terminal Server session commences. Instead, it now detects when it is running on a Terminal Server and spawns a new Client process for any additional Terminal Server sessions that are opened. The previously supplied Terminal Server Configuration Utility is therefore no longer required.

Remote Control performance is also improved in this new version.

ENHANCED - Windows 7/Vista/Server 2008 Performance
NetSupport Manager v 11 offers noticeable improvements to operability and performance for remote control of Windows 7, Vista and Server 2008 based machines, as well as added support for handling User Account Controls.

ENHANCED – Audio Support
Adding to NetSupport Manager’s bi-directional Audio Support, version 11 extends your ability to monitor audible content at the remote machine by including application sounds.

NetSupport Manager Audio Support
ENHANCED – Remote Power Management (Wake on LAN) across subnets
Extending existing local network support in earlier versions, NetSupport Manager v11 now allows an Administrator to remotely power on or off computers across the entire enterprise, further assisting in remote PC maintenance as well as delivering an additional tool for reducing PC energy cost wastage.

NetSupport Professional v11 Full Keygen - NetSupport Manager v11 Full keygen

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NetSupport Professional v11 Full Keygen - NetSupport Manager v11 Full keygen

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